Same Sun Here coverSame Sun Here, Illustrated by Hilary Schenker, Candlewick Press, Feb 14, 2012. Same Sun Here is a middle grade novel-in-letters, written by Neela Vaswani and Silas House. For ages 9 and up. Winner of a Nautilus Book Award and Parents’ Choice Award Gold medal among many other awards.

“Chapter 8: The 1970s,” by Hilary Schenker. American Food by the Decades ed. Sherri Liberman, Santa Barbara, California: Greenwood, 2011. The 1970s was a fascinating time for American food. Radical ideas from the 60s, such as organic food, herbal tea, and even vegetarianism were hitting the mainstream. In response to the new trends, manufacturers rushed to produce more so called “natural,” vitamin-enhanced, low-fat and convenience foods. Chez Panisse, with its emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, opened its doors in 1971. Celestial Seasonings Tea, which began with a long-haired idealist collecting wild tea in the foothills of the Rockies, grew into an ambitious corporation eventually bought out by Dart & Kraft, Inc. The chapter includes an introductory essay outlining basic food trends, as well as encyclopedic entries on everything from Pop Rocks to Crock-Pots.


Facing the Page Image

Facing the Page: The Centers for Reading and Writing at The New York Public Library. “Exploring adult literacy at the library. The voices and experiences of students and volunteer tutors at the Centers for Reading and Writing.” Hilary Schenker’s entries include interviews, explorations of topics in education and special events.

Other Publications

A People’s Curriculum for the Earth, Rethinking Schools, 2014. A People's Curriculum for the EarthIllustration of Chipko Movement included on page 25.

NYRM CoverThe New York Review of Magazines, Columbia University, 2012. Hilary Schenker has five illustrations printed in this issue.