Hilary Schenker is an illustrator and writer in Pittsburgh, PA. She is the founder and owner of Green Comma Media. For current work please see www.greencommamedia.com.

Her artwork includes dynamic animated videos, magazine and book illustration, graphic, logo and web design. She is the illustrator of the novel Same Sun Here, by Neela Vaswani and Silas House, released in 2012 from Candlewick Press.

She is also a writer with a background in publishing including work at Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc., BOMB Magazine, and U.C. Press. She graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Click here to read an excerpt from Hilary’s contribution to the book, American Food By the Decades, Chapter 8, “The 1970s.”

For many years Hilary was an administrator and educator at the Seward Park and Tompkins Square Adult Learning Centers at the New York Public Library, a program offering free basic literacy classes for adult new readers and English language learners (Click here to read her blog posts for the New York Public Library).

For more information, click here for her LinkedIn profile, or send an email through the contact tab.

References available on request.